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Hound Exercise

 Sunday 24th September 2017,


The Kennels Beambrook Field Station,
Partridge Lane Newdigate RH5 5EE

£15 Please book in as usual with me Di 07749702081 and if you have not been out yet this season bring a signed disclaimer with you


21st August 2017 –  Message from Master Susan:

Hoping that you are enjoying the summer- while beginning to think about the coming  season….  but before we get to that  a really big thank you to all those who walked hound puppies last year and those who  joined us for hound and puppy walks in the spring  continuing the puppies’ education.  These puppies are now off the lead and although a few are still being coupled up to older hounds, they are now being exercised as part of the pack. We look forward to introducing them slowly during  hound exercise this season. We have more young puppies so if you are interested in walking them please give Bill a ring at the end of the month
Hound exercise and other dates as known so far are as set out below. Please note we are not sticking to Sunday morning every week, and venues will be confirmed nearer the time


*details of the farmer and quarry supper can be found below- please do join us to thank both our quarry and farmers without which we would have no hunting.

** some of us will be heading down to Rogate to get in some pre season jumping and have some fun. Schedule can be found at the following website. Please let Di know if you would like to do the team chase and we can put some teams together

*** Hounds will be parading in the main arena on the Saturday please come and support us.

DISCLAIMER 2017/2018  Must be printed off and broght with you the first time you come out this season

Farmers Supper

New Forest Show Tuesday 25th July

Hunt Relay Team at the Festival of Hunting
brilliant result and against very strong competition and 18 teams

The hounds also competed and had some good results




Please bring a signed current disclaimer with you if you haven’t done so yet this season.
Don’t forget everyone is invited to join us for tea after bring a few sandwiches or cakes (savouries in shortest supply)

Cap and Subscription details on our contacts page (Adult £50/under 21 £30)

Please bring a signed current disclaimer with you, we need a new disclaimer each season but only one for each season.


Senior Master and Huntsman Bill Kear

Sturtwood Farm Meet 20 3 2016

Sturtwood Farm Meet 20 3 2016