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Hound Exercise Sunday 25th September 2016 at 9.30 am

PARKING Parking opposite the Lamb Pub, Lambs Green, RH12 4RG
The farm drive is between the Red Phone box and the pub on the same side as the phone box and is the drive nearest the phone box.


£20 each please book in with me Di 07749 702081
please only text or ring between 8am and 8pm.
Please bring a signed current disclaimer with you.

 3 Puppy Walkers Required
We have 6 Puppies in Kennels at the moment they have had their inoculations and need to go and live away from Kennels 8 weeks or so. They need somewhere secure to live to but this should be outside such as a spare stable etc.
They are not house trained and do not need to be.
Hound puppies go out to walk in the same way as guide dogs, hearing dogs, police dogs and many other types of dogs that work in conjunction with us humans, as they need to socialise well. It is usual for a Puppy Walker to have a couple of hounds as they will be company for each other.
As the puppies get older it is expected that they will be given more time during the day to wander the farm or stable yards exploring all of the things that they will encounter when they are old enough to return to kennels and join the pack. The puppies will learn about moving vehicles and not to chase the hens or any other livestock. Hounds spend much of their time in the countryside, often out of the sight of human supervision and must be one hundred percent safe with any livestock. They cannot be allowed to chase livestock or wild animals such as deer. They can go out in the car and get used to travelling and meet people and get to know their names they can get used to walking on a lead but do not need to learn to sit etc.
If you would like to know more please Telephone Jeny Kear 07919 108715 and she will be happy to answer any questions

Shellwood 29 3 15

Four of the last batch of puppies with their foster carer


Senior Master and Huntsman Bill Kear

Sturtwood Farm Meet 20 3 2016

Sturtwood Farm Meet 20 3 2016